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Timi Jay

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A music engineer/producer with a growing clientele needs a website to showcase his work and enable potential clients; to buy his music pack and merch and people looking for mentors and sponsorship to book sessions with him. His website needs to be user-friendly and informative and showcase his achievements in the music industry.


To address this problem, I designed and developed a website that allows users to book sessions with the Producer, view information about his work, and learn about his achievements and also purchase his coursed and music packs. The website features a user-friendly interface, simple navigation, and highlights your unique selling proposition.


Overall, your website provides a simple and effective solution to the problem of booking sessions with a music engineer/producer. By showcasing your work and achievements in the music industry, the website establishes your credibility and expertise. With the right marketing strategy in place, the website has the potential to attract new clients and help you grow your business.

Project Roadmap

Planning and Design

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UI/UX Designer / Developer
January 2023